October 24, 2017

How Diagnostic Medical Sonography Works

Diagnostic Medical Sonography – which is more commonly referred to as an ultrasound – is a high-tech mechanism that produces moving imagery of the internal workings of the human body. This technology has significantly advanced doctor’s preventative and diagnostic abilities. An ultrasound machine sends high frequency pulses of sound into the body using a hand-held, wand-like device. The … [Read More...]

The Ever-Growing Field of Diagnostic Medical Sonography

As hospitals and other health care facilities move away from radiology because of its link to cancer, more diagnostic tests are done using ultrasonic waves, or ultrasounds. This technology is cheaper and safer for the patient as well as the medical professionals performing the examinations. This is creating more jobs in the field of diagnostic medical sonography. Training for a Career in … [Read More...]

Help Children Live Better Lives Through Medicine

It is particularly devastating when a child is diagnosed with a severe illness because they haven’t been in the world very long, and the illness probably was not caused by anything they did. If you want to help children overcome illnesses and educate parents on the best health care for their children, then a career in pediatrics sounds like a good fit for you. There are many opportunities, from … [Read More...]

Using Loans to Start Your Career in Sonography

When people think of the medical field, they instantly think of doctors and nurses. Diagnostic imaging is another part of the medical field that doctors and nurses rely on for important patient information. That is why some people choose to get involved in the field of Sonography. Sonography requires at least two years of schooling and training before you can take on your first job. When you … [Read More...]

Advanced Degree Key to Diagnostic Medical Sonography Advancement

Diagnostic Medical Sonography, like many other medical fields, is expected to be in high demand in coming years. That means job growth is likely to spike and certified practitioners will be in a leveraged spot when deciding where and under what terms to maintain employment. But it could also mean that the job pool becomes crowded as the field takes in numerous new job seekers drawn by the … [Read More...]

Continuing Education Opportunities for Sonographers

Sonography is a clinical procedure that utilizes high-tech equipment to create images of the body's internal organs, using sound waves. This is also called ultrasound, and can be used to view the reproductive system, the heart and blood vessels, the brain and spinal cord, the eyes, and any of the body's other systems in order to identify and diagnose internal conditions that the doctor cannot … [Read More...]

Preparing Your Child for His First Ultrasound

Children can get easily frightened by new experiences, especially medical procedures that involve machinery. One experience your child may encounter is an ultrasound. While the procedure may not seem scary to you – adults who work for commercial firms and finance recruitment companies and who see doctors regularly - it can be terrifying for a small child. Thankfully, there are ways you can help … [Read More...]

Preparing for Your First Sonography Interview

Give yourself a pat on the back. You finished your training to become a sonographer, or, as many people say, an ultrasound technician. Now the next step is to find a job doing the work you're trained to do. Soon you'll schedule your first sonography interview. Good for you. Don't be nervous. Follow these preparation tips and you'll make a great impression on the interviewer. Think About What … [Read More...]

Recruitment in Area of Sonography

If you are looking for some temp staffing or recruitment in area of sonography or other administrative work Adecco USA recruitment agency is highly recommended due to their reach and professionalism. Now lets get to the main part of the post. With the advent of modern technology, various kinds of techniques are evolving in every field including the field of medicine. Years back, it was a wonder … [Read More...]

Changes in the Medical Field due to Enhanced Sonography Technology

If you’re a medical field team member, then you know how important it is to stay abreast of the latest technology. You also know that technological advances require you to constantly update your skill set and knowledge base in order to keep up. Ultrasound techs are responsible for using high-tech machinery to scan the inner workings of patients in order to identify abnormalities and provide … [Read More...]

Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonography

Registered diagnostic medical sonography refers to the practice of sonography by professionals who are registered. Registration in this case is basically synonymous with certification. The American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography (ARDMS) gives a certification exam in the field which when passed confers the title of Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer (RDMS). As the name implies, … [Read More...]

Prerequisites for Diagnostic Medical Sonography

The question of the prerequisites necessary to become a diagnostic medical sonographer revolves not so much around the legal requirements but rather around professional considerations. That is to say, there are few actual legal requirements concerning getting hired as sonographer. In most cases one could ostensibly be hired for a sonography position with nothing but a high school diploma. In … [Read More...]

Observations Concerning Diagnostic Medical Sonography Training

Program Types Diagnostic medical sonography, also known as diagnostic ultrasound is a medical career that can provide a fairly good living without needing too much preliminary educational commitment. Sonographers must have a medical background, but nowhere near as much medical training as would be required for, say, a doctor or even a nurse. For this reason it is an attractive field for many … [Read More...]

How to Get a Diagnostic Medical Sonography Certification

Getting a diagnostic medical sonography certification is a recommended professional step for a sonographer or ultrasound technician to take. It tends to impress potential employers, resulting in more job opportunities and possibly higher salary offers. So how do you go about getting a certification in the field? The following are the basic steps you need to take: First a Word about the … [Read More...]

How to Evaluate Online Diagnostic Medical Sonography Training Programs

Online training programs in diagnostic medical sonography seem an attractive option for people in various situations that make going to school in the ordinary sense somewhat difficult. For instance, someone may live in a remote rural location that is far from the campuses of schools that offer training programs in which they are interested. Or they may not have a vehicle, have other obligations … [Read More...]

What is the Difference between Accredited and Non-Accredited Diagnostic Medical Sonography Schools?

The question that this title poses is one that have occurred to you as you have considered which diagnostic medical sonography school to attend. Accreditation by some kind of national or regional accreditation organization would seem to be a good recommendation for a school. But how important is it actually that you attend an accredited school if you are going for a degree or certificate in … [Read More...]


Diagnostic Medical Sonography Schools Diagnostic medical sonography schools are schools that instruct students in the use of sonography, also known as ultrasound, as a medically diagnostic medium. The following are some of the school types where you will find these kinds of programs offered: School Types Community/Junior Colleges Most people have some kind of community college or junior … [Read More...]

Diagnostic Medical Sonography Scholarships

Going to school for diagnostic medical sonography, just like any other educational program, can be a fairly expensive proposition if you don’t have any financial aid. Fortunately, also just as with other programs, financial aid is available if you qualify. By far the most desirable kind of financial aid to get is grant based assistance, since loans will just become a financial burden further on … [Read More...]

Diagnostic Medical Sonography Sample Resume

Having a good resume is key when searching for a job as a diagnostic medical sonographer. Though jobs are opening up in the field and job demand is expected to increase in the coming years, there is still a reasonable amount of competition in the field. Having a good resume can give you an edge when applying for a position. The point with a resume is to impress employers, plain and simple. It … [Read More...]

Diagnostic Medical Sonography Salary

One of the reasons that getting a degree in the diagnostic medical sonography, also known as diagnostic ultrasound, field is so popular is because it pays quite well. For a career path that you only need an Associate’s degree or even a diploma/certificate (i.e. from a one year program) to get into, being a diagnostic medical sonographer offers substantial salary potential. Let’s take a look at … [Read More...]

Diagnostic Medical Sonography Online Schools

It is possible to train to be a diagnostic medical sonographer online. That is, it is possible to fulfill the classroom requirements in this way. There is, however, a clinical experience portion that is a important part of nearly all sonography and ultrasound training, and this, of course, cannot be fulfilled over the internet. To get a sense of what these diagnostic medical sonography online … [Read More...]

Diagnostic Medical Sonography Jobs

Diagnostic medical sonography jobs can be found in a variety of locations. This is a common type of imaging so it is used across a wide range of medical facility types. Furthermore, job demand for this work is expected to grow at a fast rate in the coming years. Diagnostic medical sonography jobs can be found in virtually any area of the country, pay well, and you don’t need a huge educational and … [Read More...]

Diagnostic Medical Sonography Exam Tips

When people talk about the diagnostic medical sonography exam, they are usually referring to the Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonography (RDMS) exam given by the American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonography (ARDMS). This professional organization offers registration and certification in the field of diagnostic medical sonography. They actually do not administer just one … [Read More...]